Health Pre-caution

Oxygen is less at higher altitudes. The inclement weather and high altitude induces certain illnesses generally not encountered over the plains. Headache, nausea, lassitude, lethargy, breathlessness, general uneasiness (malaise), high irritability, light loss of balance, disorientation, incoherence and insomnia are to name among a few. It is common to all irrespective of age, sex and physical fitness. Gradual acclimatization is the best answer. Tranquilizers, sleeping dosages and strong antibiotics must be avoided. Some symptoms do indicate that the body mechanism is readjusting to new environment.

Route & Climatic Conditions

Once the voyage commences, the panoramic Himalaya and Tibet cocoon the pilgrims in their effulgence and they drift beyond the reach of a conventional world. Deep silence and eerie expansiveness rule the atmosphere. A resourceful pilgrim, however, would enjoy his every step – planning is the key.

Route from Kathmandu to Tatopani (Nepal-China border) is narrow and scary but from the border onward roads are well maintained. The high altitude Tibetan terrain is dry, cold and windy. Night is colder than day. Torrential rains, strong icy winds are common features. The average altitude is above 3,500 meters and the route covers many high altitude passes.

Risk and Liabilities

We will endeavor to make your journey smooth and pleasant as far as possible. However, the entire program in Tibet is conducted strictly under the rules and regulations of China Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB). Therefore, Promark Travel Services Ltd.& its related organizations will not be responsible for any changes in the itineraries due to unavoidable circumstances such as government restrictions, delay in receiving Tibet Travel Permit and Visa due to TTB’s own rules and regulations, land slides, road blockages, floods, snow, political unrests, cancellation of flights, delay due to shortage of land cruiser Jeep/Coach in Tibet, personal sickness or accident. Any extra cost incurred shall be borne by travelers themselves.

Required Documents

Minimum of six months valid passport and two copies of passport size photographs. • A normal health certificate from your personal doctor for travelers aged 50 years and above may be required.


This is not a trek or expedition but a tour; therefore no specific level of fitness is required. Anybody can join this Yatra if they think they are fit and have a strong willpower. People suffering from cardiac or respiratory problems should consult to their doctor. Morning and evening walks, jogging, stretching, meditation and regular exercises make the journey comfortable for all.

Food and Beverages

Delicious continental & Indian food will be served. Breakfasts and Dinners will be served in campsite by trained Nepali staffs. Packed lunch will be provided during daytime. We will serve mineral water for drinking purpose.

Clothing and Necessities

As the temperature varies greatly between day and night (from max. 20 degrees Celsius to min. –16 degrees Celsius) one should prepare accordingly. However, we suggest all yatries to travel light – maximum 10 to 15 Kgs per person.

Travelers should bring following items with them

• Woolen gloves, Balaclava, Sun hat, Thermal wear, Water bottle, Woolen socks, Towel, Light Jacket, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Torch with extra batteries/bulbs, Muffler, Mask, Raincoat, Sweater, Shirt/T-shirt (2 sets) & Trekking shoes.


Full travel insurance covering medicine, Helicopter evacuation (if incase of emergency), loss of personal belongings, postponed/ pre-pond expenses of inward and outward flight and trip cancellation is strongly recommended.


All notice of cancellation must be sent to our office in writing; verbal cancellation will not be accepted. There is no refund for services not used. In case of any cancellation the booking amount will be completely forfeited. In addition, the following cancellation rules will be applicable on the balance amount payable.

21 days period from tour departure date: 30% cancellation charges.

15 days period from tour departure date: 50% cancellation charges.

7 days and less periods: 75% cancellation charges.

The above cancellation rules are applied as per the rules and regulation of China Tibet Tourism Bureau and (IPSC) Indian pilgrims service Center,China.

Most Important Points

It should come into notice of all Kailash Yatries that, all Tibet and Holy Mt. Kailash Yatra/Tour operators in Nepal have very fewer roles to play in handling Tibet and Holy Mount Kailash Yatra operation. The decision of Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) and China India Pilgrim Service Centre (CIPSC) is final and mandatory to be followed and accepted by all. Hence, interested clients for Tibet and Holy Mt Kailash Yatra (especially Indian Yatries) are requested to be prepared, both mentally and physically, for the following adverse situations and do the necessary preparations accordingly. In case of occurrence of any of the following conditions, the management of Promark Travel Services won’t be liable and be made responsible.

Though you might have submitted both your name list with advance payment and the application for the Tibet Travel Permit in time as per the rules, it cannot be guaranteed that the Tibet Travel Permit and the Visa will arrive in time. Sometimes, the Tibet Travel Permit or the Visa might be rejected by the concerned authorities, i.e., TTB and CIPSC at the very last hour (even after your arrival in Nepal or after issuance of your non refundable to and fro ticket to Nepal)

In case of failure to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit and the Visa on time as per the stipulated date of arrival/departure, all additional expenses in Nepal (accommodation, food, transportation etc.) have to be borne by the client himself/herself.

In case of rejection of your Tibet Travel Permit and the Visa by the concerned authorities, i.e., TTB and CIPSC, at the last hour (after arrival in Nepal), the client himself/herself has to issue fresh return ticket or manage his/her return journey on his/her own expense.

All the price given below in Indian currency are calculated at the rate of 60/- per US dollar, i.e. ( ROE) is 60/- at the time of pricing. All the difference due to currency fluctuation will be borne by either side.